Company Profile

Company Profile

DIMITRIADIS GROUP has been active in the construction, reconstruction and decoration field for the last 40 years, as well as drywall applications, both for business and residential spaces.

The company specializes in drywall constructions. We implement tailor-made false ceilings, lighting applications, wall panels and decorations. We undertake the completion of newly built and under reconstruction sites, creating the final look of your space. We use the newest and most modern trends in building materials, integrating them successfully to our already advanced manufacturing techniques.

DIMITRIADIS GROUP is managed today by the second generation of owners/shareholders. Mr. Yiannis Dimitriades is the head of the group. The continuous involvement and training of the executives and company employees on implementation and material quality issues makes our company one of the most reliable and technically prepared businesses in the field.

DIMITRIADIS GROUP continuously invests in research and innovative implementation processes, using new, more sophisticated decoration materials, resulting in the specialization and technical competence of its employees. In addition to this, the competitiveness of the company is further enhanced and the provision of high quality services is guaranteed, as well as the rapid completion of each project it undertakes.

The directness in our partnership with companies in other sectors of construction complements the activities of the company and enables it to carry out integrated projects, while maintaining the benchmark of high quality, and offering a controlled competitive pricing policy.

• 7 vehicles (4 specially equipped service and support tracks) and a team of 15 permanent employees make up the application crews that are licensed and accredited by KNAUF.

• The materials we use are ISO 9000 certified.

The company undertakes, with great success, projects in cooperation with individuals as well as professionals covering a wide range of construction applications.

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Because we have been in the field of drywall and plaster decoration for 40 years. We know the field VERY WELL!


Because we have a wide and important clientele of satisfied businesses, covering all professional activities.

Because we are INNOVATIVE, with the exclusive import, marketing and implementation of new three-dimensional decorative panels for indoor and outdoor use.


Because we offer unmatched quality, value and aesthetics to any space!

Finally we should mention that the exclusive cooperation of DIMITRIADIS GROUP with the company D. ELLINAS Holding Ltd opens a new path in the promotion of three-dimensional panels, perforated and engraved drywall and other innovative products in the Greek market. Contact us every day for any information.

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