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Κατάλογος προϊόντων Θερμοπρόσοψη


Dimitriadis Group company founded in 1976 based in Nea Moudania in Halkidiki, a dynamic presence in the residential and commercial construction, remodeling, decorating and Drywall.

The company specializes in construction with plasterboard, suspended ceilings, lighting, investment, decoration and finishing of new and rebuilt in places.

Dimitriadis Group company now managed by second generation. The continued involvement and training in technical subjects and issues of quality materials and processes for managers and executive staff, making it one of the most reliable and technically well-prepared business space.

The separation of business in areas such as Management reserves, Sales, Accounts and Procurement Section, Technical Section, Preparation and Application Section Crew facilitates ongoing monitoring and ensuring the quality of each project, big or small.

The constant search for new innovative processes and new materials are more specific to the company makes high technology training and further increase the competitiveness of the real business at a very high quality and speed of execution, while reducing the actual cost of the project in absolute terms, the benefit the customer.

The immediate and strictly dependent partnerships with companies in other sectors of construction complement the company's activities and enable it to undertake complete projects while maintaining high quality control and very competitive pricing.

Suppliers and working with companies like always, KNAUF, KATOGLOU Athanasios, ALTO SA, VIVECHROM, KRAFT, GIOMTOF, LAFARGE, RIGIPS and many other renowned companies in our field.

Why our customers prefer us

  • Because we have vast experience in renovating large and small commercial and private spaces.
  • Because we have a large and important clientele of satisfied business , covering all professional activities and individuals .
  • Why innovation in the market with the exclusive import , marketing and implementation of new three-dimensional (3D) decorative panels for indoors and outdoors.
  • Because we offer unmatched quality, value and aesthetics to any room.
  • Why driven TIE your personal needs and desires, do what you dream greater than your expectations.
  • Because we have permanent and experienced team of associates ready to face any specificity and thus achieve optimal levels of efficiency.


  • Design (if there) and the presentation of decorative options or enduring the stand in our catalogs or photography.
  • Study, Technical Consultancy for the co-ideal solutions and proforma invoice - Offer Period commitment of the project.
  • Spot, photographing and measuring the area.
  • Solving practical problems of transport and supply of materials.
  • Supervision and inspection of work and progress of technicians.
  • Delivery and acceptance of the work on the complete acceptance by the client or the responsible technical yergou.


  • 7 vehicles (four specially designed truck service and support teams) and permanent staff make up the crews of applications that are licensed and accredited by KNAUF.
  • The materials we apply are poistopoiimena in ISO 9000.

Completed renovations

The numerous staff and our long experience brought us recognition in the field of comprehensive renovation.

  • Planning - study - supervision
  • Drywall applications
  • Plaster application
  • Plaster applications decorations
  • Electrical works
  • Painting
  • Floors (parquet, tiles)
  • Wallpapers
  • Plumbing works
  • Carpentry works
  • Frames (doors)
  • Air Conditioning - Ventilation
  • Decoration
  • PVC and aluminum frames
  • Decoration painting
  • Design and construction of kitchen
  • Design and landscaping


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